The compact heat pump for large buildings and industry

This heat pump is used in large buildings and captivates with its technical performance and compact design. The unit fits through standard doors, making installation simple and inexpensive. The unit requires little space even when connecting multiple units together. Two separate cooling circuits ensure high operational reliability.

  • Compact design
  • Flow temperature up to 63 °C
  • Integration in home automation systems
  • Cascadable/combinable


  • Compact device
  • Integration into the home automation system
  • High operational reliability
  • Easy to service, can be operated from the front
  • High flow temperatures


  • Two separate cooling circuits and therefore high operational reliability
  • Compact design, minimum space requirement, even with multiple units
  • Easy to service, can be operated from the front
  • Equipped as standard with:
  • PLC control
  • 2 scroll compressors (double circuit)
  • All relevant safety and monitoring components

Performance range

Flow temperature

min. 25 °Cmax. 63 °C

Heat source temperature

min. 7 °Cmax. 20 °C

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