Inverta Economy

Energy-efficient, power-controlled, flexible

This power-controlled unit is suitable for new buildings and renovations of single-family houses and apartment buildings. The heat pump captivates with its efficiency, high flow temperature and flexible application possibilities.

  • Inverter technology
  • Flow temperature up to 65 °C
  • Quiet, 33-39 dB(A) in 1m


  • Quiet operation
  • High flow temperatures
  • For new buildings and renovations
  • Energy-saving operation


  • Available with ready-to-connect hydraulic extension (optional for OH I 9e)
  • Control of two mixed heating circuits possible
  • Large performance range
  • Fits through any standard door

Performance range

Flow temperature

min. 25 °Cmax. 65 °C

65°C with minimum flow rate Heating circuit and reduced capacity range

Heat source temperature

min. 6 °Cmax. 20 °C

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Heat outputComparison
OH I 9e7 25 kW
OH I 17e13 42 kW


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