Inverta DHW

3 in 1 concept, power-controlled, individual

This power-controlled unit is particularly space-saving because it combines boiler, heating and passive or active cooling. In apartment buildings, this heat pump makes it possible to set one's own room temperature independently of other residential parties. Long waiting for domestic hot water is a thing of the past, as the cold network prevents heat losses in the distribution system. Heat cost billing is therefore no longer necessary.

  • Inverter technology
  • Flow temperature up to 62 °C
  • Domestic hot water
  • Passive and active cooling
  • Hardly audible, 29 dB(A) in 1m


  • Hardly audible
  • Compact all-in-one unit
  • Space-saving
  • For new buildings and renovations
  • No heat cost billing in the apartment house
  • Energy-saving operation


  • 220 litres DHW storage tank with a pouring capacity of 310 litres at 40 °C
  • Flow and return sensors
  • Flow meter

Performance range

Flow temperature

min. 25 °Cmax. 62 °C

Heat source temperature

min. 6 °Cmax. 20 °C

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Heat outputComparison
Optiheat I 4esr TWW2.9 9 kW


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